Wasteland Generations

Wasteland Generations is a 2D top/down game in progress set in a post apocalyptic open world.

The vision is to create a game that will include all the best and worst about the human nature during the harshest environment. Excluding for pornographic depictions of sex and nudity, everything else is on the table with no veils. Sex and nudity will be included in a veiled form. On the dark side, the game will include brainwashing, rape, drugs, slavery, physical and mental disabilities, murder, jealousy, infidelity and killing of humans in all stages of life. On the bright side, it will include bonding, love, loyalty, diplomacy, heroism, trade, science, spirituality, sacrifice and creating the next generation.

The game is initially focused on the survival of a small group, with none of them being essential for the continuation of the game. The group will secure a base in a defensible location, gather resources and build infrastructure. As the group grows in size, they will establish themselves as a local faction, and proceed to wage war, trade and diplomacy with the other factions, while keeping the loyalty, production, research, growth rate and society of the local population in mind.